Focus. Flexibility. Freedom.
That’s Harmony.

Color Palettes

CMYK: 0 81 56 0
RGB: 241 89 95
Pantone: 710C

CMYK: 0 25 51 0
RGB: 253 198 136
Pantone: 148C

CMYK: 40 14 25 0
RGB: 155 189 187
Pantone: 5503C

CMYK: 50 50 50 80
RGB: 44 38 36
Pantone: Black C


Body text: Mont Regular

Designed for a wide range of ablative, non-ablative and thermal treatments, Alma HybridTM combines the power of three core energies, creating a uniquely synergistic effect.

Headlines #1: Mont Bold

Safe, precise and versatile, HyGridTM gives you the benefit of both the CO2 and 1570nm lasers in one applicator, enabling you to custom-program the skin ablation-non ablation ratio in a matrix of the precise proportions required to meet the unique treatment needs of each and every patient.

Headlines #2: Mont Black

The first and only device of its kind to bring together three powerful energies

Headlines #3 & Branded types
Frank Ruhl Black

Focus. Flexibility. Freedom.
That’s Harmony.

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